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The following deeds were transcribed by Cheryl Chastain White, from the source records. Cheryl transcribed the records as they appeared legible to her, some of the documents were hard to decipher. All of the deeds contain Chastain, Chasteen, etc. Please notify us of any corrections.
Book A-B p. 97 W.H. Chastain to Mary E. Hunter
Book A-B p. 98 W.O. Willard to Henry Chastain
Book A-B p. 484-485 Jacob Chastain to Wm. Sutherland & James Keith
Book B-1 p. 13-14 Benjamin Chastain to Gabriel Benson
Book B-2 p. 99-101 Miles M. Norton, C.E.P.D. to Temp. Chastain
Book B-2p. 630-631 Estate of Temperance Chastain
Book B-2 p. 631-632 I. H. Philpot to Van S. Jones Et al and J. A. Chastain
Book D-1 p. 591 Maxwell and Edward Chastain to William Alexander Edens
Book D-1 p. 592 Maxwell & Edward Chastain to William & Alexander Edens
Book E-2 p. 45-46 John A. Chastain, Lucinda Chastain, J.D. Burgess to Mary A. Chastain
Book F-1 p. 482-483 Abraham Chastain To William Southerland
Book F-2 p. 425-426 Maxwell Chastain to Abner B. Chastain
Book F-2 p. 426-427 Maxwell Chastain to Jahue J. Chastain
Book G-1 p. 20-21 Miles M. Norton C.E.P.D. to Wm. & Alex. Edens
Book G-1 p. 22-23 Miles M. Norton C.E.P.D. to W. L. Keith
Book G-1 p. 9-97 Hembree Moore to Nancy S. Chastain
Book G-1 p. 97 Nancy S. Chastain to John A. Martin
Book M p. 47-48 Abner D. Chastain to William Chastain
Book M p. 49-50 Abner D. Chastain to John Chastain
Book U p. 90-91 Abner Chastain to J. F. Hayes
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Historical Documents
Historical documents are the foundation of genealogical research.
Census records, marriage records, land records, wills, Bible records, letters, and contemporary news accounts are all useful in learning about our ancestors and establishing our genealogy.
The land records in this section are dated from 1785 to 1900