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Pickins County, South Carolina Deeds
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Book F-1 p. 482-483


Pickens County Deeds

Roll #PK31

Release for Acres of Land

State of South Carolina

Pickens District

Know all men by these presents that I Abraham CHASTAIN of the State and District aforesaid for and consideration of the sum of Three hundred Dollars to me in hand paid by William SUTHERLAND the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said William SUTHERLAND all my interest in Two certain tracts or parcels of land situated lying and being on the Waters of the Wholenoy Creek waters of Saluda River the one tract formerly granted to Alexander EDENS in the year of our Lord Seventeen hundred and eighty five by William MOULTRY Esq Governor and Commander in Chief of the State of South Carolina containing one hundred and forty acres Likewise one other tract of land formerly Granted to George HUDSON in the year of one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight on the second day of April in they year containing Two hundred and Seventy Acres Surveyed for him 3d day of August 1797 Granted by his Excellency Charles PINCKNEY Esquire Commander in Chief of the State aforesaid with the exception of one hundred and ten Acres conveyed by HUTSON to Edward CHASTAIN being the one half of the Two tracts of land conveyed by Abraham CHASTAIN deceased to his sons Abraham & Jacob CHASTAIN his sons by deed of Gift Also one other tract of land conveyed to the said Abraham CHASTAIN by his Excellency Pierce M. BUTLER Governor and Commander in chief situated lying and being on the waters of Wholenoy Creek a branch of Saluda River containing one hundred and Sixty three Acres Granted in the year of our Lord Anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty Seven on the first day of June and in the sixty first year of the sovereignty of the Independence of the United States of America The first both granted in the Eleventh year of the sovereignty of United States The Second in the twenty second year of the sovereignty of the United States The third as is above stated having such marks slopes buttings and boundaries as the Plots and Grants here above represented Together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining thereunto To have and to hold the same to himself his Heirs and assigns in fee Simple forever The Titles of which tract or parcel of land I will warrant and forever defend to the said William SUTHERLAND his heirs and assigns In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and subscribe my seal this twenty fifth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty eight In the presents of us Test. Sarah BURGESS, J. B. SUTHERLAND Abraham CHASTAIN (L.S.) South Carolina

Pickens District

I Margaret CHASTAIN do hereby acknowledge that I am fully paid for all my rights of Dowry in the within tracts of land described and relinquish all my rights titles and claims in the within described lands to William SOUTHERLAND this the twenty Sixth day of September eighteen hundred and forty eight

Margaret (her x mark) CHASTAIN


(South Carolina)

(Pickens District)

Personally came Sarah BURGESS before me John BOWEN Notary Public of the State and District aforesaid and after being duly sworn saith on her oath that she did see Abraham CHASTAIN sign seal and deliver the within deed of conveyance to the within named William SUTHERLAND for the use and purposes therein set forth and that J. B. SUTHERLAND was with herself a subscribing witness to the due execution of the same. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th March 1850 John BOWEN, N.P. Sarah BURGESS

Recorded the 8th day of February 1851 and examined by W. L. KEITH C.C. & R.M.C.

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Principal Names
and Dates
Alexander EDENS
William MOULTRY Esq
Charles PINCKNEY Esquire
Abraham & Jacob CHASTAIN
Pierce M. BUTLER
Dates of Transfer
2 April 1798
3 August 1797
1 June 1837
25 September 1848
7th March 1850
Date Recorded
8th day of February 1851
W. L. KEITH C.C. & R.M.C.
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