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The PCFA has held an Annual Reunion every year since its formation in 1975. For the 2019 Reunion we are going to try the Richmond / Midlothian, Virginia area again. The most current information will be posted on the 2019 Reunion Page.
The 2018 Reunion was to be held in Richmond, Virginia very near where Pierre Chastain, his family and about 700 other Huguenots settled in 1700. It was to be the most exciting reunion yet! However, Hurricane Florence had other ideas.
Past Reunions
We are attempting to collect as much information about all the past reunions as we can. In an organization like the PCFA it is easy to mislay some records when officers change from time to time. So we ask you to go through your computers, hutches and attics to see if you have some photographs or other information from reunions not listed below.
We will only post one or two photos from any given year. However, if we get an abundance of photos for one particular year, we can cycle through them occasionally. We are primarily looking for the Date, Place and Photographs, plus any special information you may remember. To submit information, please contact Ron Roberts at:
Thank You!
Reunions by the Year
2007 No photos
at this time.
2011 2006
2007 2010 2011 2011
2014 2015 2016
2014 2015 2016
2017 2018 Reunion 2019
2017 2018 2019
2007 Reunion
2007 PCFA Reunion
2007 PCFA Reunion attendees at Pierre Chastain's Home in Manakintown, Virginia.
Photo by Marilyn Chastain
2010 in Helen, Georgia
No photo available yet.
2011 Reunion
2011 PCFA Reunion
2011 Reunion - Henry Horton State Park in Tennessee
2006 PCFA Reunion
A table of attendees at the 2011 reunion banquet in Henry Horton State Park in Tennessee
Photo by Valorie Chastain Ford.
2014 Reunion
2014 PCFA Reunion
2014 Reunion was in Bentonville, Arkansas.
View or download The Original Photo (2301x886, 303,260B)
2015 Reunion
2015 PCFA Reunion
2015 - Lebanon, Tennessee
View or download The Original Photo (921x390, 119,208B)
2016 Reunion
30 September – 1 October 2016
2016 PCFA Reunion
2016 Reunion was at Lake Chatuge Lodge
Hiawassee, Georgia.
Both meals were be catered by The Chophouse Restaurant and overseen
by Chef James Reaux, who is nationally-renowned.
2017 Reunion
2017 Reunion - Louisville, Kentucky.
View or download The Original Photo (4458x3240, 14.44MP; 43,408,021B)
Photo by Ron Roberts
2018 Reunion
Hurricane Florence
2018 Reunion - Midlothian, Virginia
Called on account of hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence after making landfall on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. NOAA
Please look up Hurricane Florence in your favorite browser for close-up images.
This is as close as any sane person wants to get to a hurricane.
2019 Reunion
2019 Reunion
2019 Reunion - Midlothian, Virginia
View or download The Original Photo (1090x371, 62,041B)
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