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Welcome to the PCFA!! The Pierre Chastain Family Association is a non-profit family organization dedicated to doing genealogical research on the descendants of Pierre Chastain who immigrated to Virginia in the year 1700.
This site is instrumental in keeping the Chastain family informed on the new developments in the never-ending genealogical research. The first six generations of descendants of Pierre Chastain are well researched and published in books available on the Publications page.
Anyone who is a Chastain descendant or who is interested in the Chastain family is welcome to join the PCFA. More information is available on the Memberships page.
Included in this site is a plethora of information about the family founder which is interesting and informative. Some myths are debunked, conundrums unraveled and mysteries solved.
Also featured are connections to genealogical resources which are concerned with the Chastain family. Check the General Research option in the menu.
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Medical researchers have found that some families have a higher than average susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease. The Chastain family is one of them.
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