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We invite you to become a member of the Pierre Chastain Family Association to connect with many other Chastain descendants and to support our efforts to collect, document, and preserve Chastain and related genealogy.
The annual PCFA membership is effective January 1st each year. Membership includes a subscription to the Association's official publication, The Chestnut Tree©. It is published in January, May and September. (So, if you join in mid-year, you will receive any issues of The Chestnut Tree© already published for that calendar year. You will still need to renew your membership by January 1st of the next year to continue your membership.)
All PCFA memberships are family memberships, which means the descendant's spouse is also a member. The price of an annual family membership is $20.00 per year. Lifetime family memberships are available for $200.00 and extend to surviving spouses. See Payment Methods below.
By choosing membership, you also choose to support the continued efforts of the PCFA to collect, document, and preserve Chastain and related genealogy. The membership fees contribute to the publishing costs of The Chestnut Tree© and the Pierre Chastain and His Descendants books.
Please help us save costs associated with renewal notices by paying your dues
using the secure PayPal or mail your check or money order to the Membership Chair,
Payment Methods
  1. Quickly, safely and securely online with PayPal. After paying by PayPal, please email your Chastain linage to See the PCFA Membership Application Form, for the information we need to process your membership.

  2. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay securely online by credit/debit card. Simply make your selection via PayPal below. Then click on the gray "Check Out" button on the right side of the Shopping Cart page and fill out the form.

  3. To pay by mail with a check or money order, please download, print and fill out the PCFA Membership Application Form and mail it to Membership with your payment (the address is on the form).

  4. If you are also ordering Publications and/or Merchandise at this time, you can make one payment to Membership for both membership and other purchases.
Join or Renew for 1 Year
A $20.00 membership begins 1 January and ends 31 December of each calendar year.
PCFA 1 Year Membership
Lifetime Membership
Tired of paying year after year? Get a $200.00 Lifetime Membership! Pay once and you're in for life.
PCFA 1 Year Membership
If you do not want to use the secure PayPal payment method, please download and print the
PCFA Membership Application Form and you can pay with a check or money order.
If you have any questions concerning PCFA Membership,
please contact the Membership Chair at:
Thank you!
If you have any questions
or concerns about
PCFA Membership,
please contact Carol Migdat at:
Print your
PCFA Membership
Application Form
Members are invited to the PCFA Annual Reunions
Join the PCFA
and receive
The Chestnut Tree©
The Chestnut Tree
Contains information about the Chastain Family. Published every January, May and September.
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