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In keeping with the objectives of the family association, The PCFA has endeavored to disseminate Chastain and related genealogical data through publications prepared by the membership on a volunteer basis. As the PCFA is non-profit, the price of the items are directly related to costs incurred by the PCFA in printing, publishing, and postage.
Previous text published by The Pierre Chastain Family Association — Chastain Kith and Kin by Mary Avilla Farnsworth-Milligan. We are sorry to report that this outstanding volume on Chastain genealogy is now out of print.
Current Publications
Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Volume I, The First Five Generations in America. (This volume now includes the Errata and Addenda) A must have reference text for any Chastain lineage researcher! Compiled by Robert W. Leishman and edited by Ms. Loyce Coolidge with assistance by Gerre Buland from the membership records. The text is 358 pages with index, navy hardcover, and contains data on all documented lines of Dr. Pierre Chastain continuing through the children of the fifth generation. Contains pictures, biographies, and early data on the Chastain, Soblet, and Brian families.
Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Errata and Addenda to Volume I. (Included in current printing of Vol. I) Corrections, updates, and additions to the lineages in Volume I. Notable additions include descendants of Elizabeth (Chastain) LeSueur and circumstantial descendants of Rev. James Chastain. Soft cover, 143 pages, indexed.
Pierre Chastain and His Descendants, Volume II The Sixth Generation. Volume II is 597 pages and, like Volume I, was compiled, confirmed, and edited by Bob Leishman, Loyce Coolidge, and Gerre Buland. Thus, the formatting of the lineages remains the same. The text carries forward from Volume I by continuing with the family structures of the Sixth Generation in America to include their children (the seventh generation).
The Chastain Families of Manakin Town in Virginia and Their Origin Abroad and Pierre Chastain, Revisited. The best documented histories of Dr. Pierre Chastain under one cover, a reprint of the articles by Cameron Allen, FASG. These articles were first published in The American Genealogist and later in The Chestnut Tree©. Outstanding documentation of the structure of the Chastain family in France through the migration to Virginia.
Little Otter to Lost River, CD version, by Claude E. "Gene" Cook - Back in stock! Cook focuses on the Chastains who moved from Franklin County, Virginia to Henry County and Shelby County, Kentucky, and from there went on to settle along the Lost River in Washington County, Indiana. However, he also mentions other Chastains who settled in Indiana. By 1840, one in five Chastain families in America lived in that state. Cook also follows many Indiana Chastain lines that migrated from Indiana to other places.
The Chestnut Tree©. The official organ and publication of the Pierre Chastain Family Association and journal of Chastain genealogy and family history. It is published three times each year. Available only through membership in the Pierre Chastain Family Association. Previous issues are also available through the Librarian.
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